One-of-a-kind books written and printed on commission

Our initiative: the birth of LINEA AUREA

In the medieval town of Asolo, a gem in the hills of the Republic of Venice, there is Aurelia, a small publisher, around for generations specializing in artisanal printing press and offering books that are conceived and tailor-made based on the desires of their Client. These include original and never-before-published works of fiction, printed in a very limited run using artisanal methods based on Renaissance-era Venetian printing arts.

The stories, which are written by a professional writer in Venice, are conceived and written specifically for each Client, following one’s specific requests as per literary genre, style, names, places, and events. Therefore, the Client can become, if one so wishes, the protagonist of their own story, about their loves, adventures, fictions. The Clients will be able to celebrate their personal epic tale, mixing in real or imagined elements as they wish.

Hand-drawn illustrations can also be added as well as original, absolutely unique musical scores created just for the occasion, serving as the perfect soundtrack to the narrative.

These books are luxury items created entirely by hand and featuring the highest quality materials (including 100% cotton paper with uncut edges from Fabriano with neutral pH to ensure it will not change over time, full-grain leather cover as well as a wood case or box in full-grain leather). Each page is composed by hand with old mobile typographic letters in lead. The book is bound by hand following ancient methods.

Aurelia has asked a professional writer to take part in this initiative. This author has published more than thirty books with various publishing companies in Italy and abroad, and these books have been translated into various languages and continuously reprinted. The author’s name is Matteo Rampin. He is from Venice and alternates his work as a psychiatrist, hypnotist, and corporate consultant with writing and art (as well as being a composer, painter, and sculptor).

Aurelia Edizioni, publisher and artisanal printing press, is headquartered in Asolo, Italy.  It has maintained the secrets of craftsmanship passed down from generations to create one-of-a-kind handmade works printed in a very limited run as per Renaissance-era Venetian printing arts.

Aurelia Edizioni s.r.l.

via Loreggia 29/a, Asolo (TV), Italy – P.I. 04341390260