Bespoke art

A dream: contributing to the rebirth of Italian art 

The Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces that have inspired the uniqueness of courtyards and palazzos and that have made parties and celebrations memorable were created as commissioned by patrons who aimed to have the supreme luxury of absolute, true exclusivity: personalization.

Today, thanks to Aurelia, this practice is being brought back once again. By creating a direct relationship with the Client in order to generate an original craftwork that is an absolute unique piece: it has one’s unmistakable personality and unique appearance, thus becoming like the “extension” of the Client, as expressed in the universal language of beauty.

Aurelia Edizioni, publisher and artisanal printing press, is headquartered in Asolo, Italy.  It has maintained the secrets of craftsmanship passed down from generations to create one-of-a-kind handmade works printed in a very limited run as per Renaissance-era Venetian printing arts.

Aurelia Edizioni s.r.l.

via Loreggia 29/a, Asolo (TV), Italy – P.I. 04341390260